Plastic Pink Flamingo Essay

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Chunk 1: lines 1­12
This chunk describes the introduction of the pink flamingo in American history. It describes the first time that Americans went vacationing and would want flamingo souvenirs, and how that grew into hotels decorated with flamingos and hot pink colors. Analysis:
Price starts out her essay describing the introduction of the flamingo into American history because it helps to build her argument of the higher class citizens. Through the repetition of the word “bold” throughout the essay, Price was able to distinguish how she sees the pink flamingo. Chunk 2: lines 13­29
This chunk is about how Americans contradict themselves and used to hunt flamingos to almost their death, and now they favorite them and collect them. It emphasizes the point of the flamingo and how it makes people who are not on vacation feel more at ease.
It also talks about how the image of the flamingo grew and was used in different settings. Analysis:
In the second chunk, Price states how the Americans hunted flamingos to almost extinction and uses the irony to make fun of the way that Americans tried to kill the species and then made it an iconic figure for the rich. She uses this irony to cast a disapproval towards Americans, and the morals that we have. Chunk 3: lines 30­49
This chunk describes how the color of the flamingo helped it rise in popularity. The pink color was very popular in the time when the flamingo was being more populated. The author uses many examples of how the pink color was used and the reasons why the bright colors were popular. Analysis:
Price in this section, still disapproving of American culture uses the examples of how the bird was used in many different settings to show that Americans had no actual respect for the bird. She pointed out in this section that the people who naturally live by flamingos see them and appreciate them, which helps to emphasize that she didn’t include
Americans and that she thinks we are more materialistic than heartfelt. Chunk 4: lines 50­61
This last chunk describes the origin of the flamingo, and the differences that there are. It originates from Egypt, Mexico and the Caribbean all of which are warm, tropical places.
The author states that because of the original place of the flamingo, that is why Americans liked them so much,