Plastic surgery Essay

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Plastic surgery can be traced back from 100 of years. In recent times, outside beauty and staying forever young are the newest trend among today’s society. The plastic surgery occurred and Prolonged by 3 basic factors
There are 3 types of causes that could lean a person towards having plastic surgery. One cause could ne congenital, means that the abnormalities could have been by birth, or determined by genetic factors and therefore able to be passed on from parents to their descendants. This type of person could be suitable for having a plastic surgery; as an example of a case that I had seen in family member that he was born with a hip formed incorrectly which causes a dramatic situation in the family that leaded his parents to take a decision to do a plastic surgery to him after a long way of suffering, fortunately was a great decision that could helped the family to be happy. There are several abnormalities that require a medical or surgical defects ranging from minor to serious and although many can be treated or cured and put changes in people’s life and feeling.
The Second cause of having a plastic surgery is related to psychological factors it’s really important to know how people really feel about themselves. Self-esteem is a Major problem in plastic surgery. Nowadays most people are facing a cosmetic surgery to make their desire in their beauty come true, and fulfill their own self-esteem, for example friends of mine reshaped their nose, restructured their