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Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Perfection

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Perfection There is a saying that ‘plastic makes perfect’, but when dealing with surgery there is never a guarantee of perfection. Cosmetic surgery is not an ideal thing to get unless it is medically necessary such as cleft lip or a person whom just came out of a damaging accident. Cosmetic surgery should not be used for people that desire a new look or those who want an enhancement in a specific area. Media has increased the desire in teens to look a certain way. As well, continually getting surgery can have an effect on one’s health. There is never a guarantee a person will come out of a surgery exactly how they want too. Even though the media is influential when it comes to cosmetic surgery, teenagers should be cautious of the procedure. A doctor from New York City said, “One of the main reasons for the increase is visibility: today’s teenagers are growing up with parents who have had cosmetic surgery, so they see and hear about it more. The media has also done a good job of making people aware of the procedures available” (Wansbrough, 2012). Celebrities are continually getting surgeries and in turn this is influencing teens. From the media this can drive teens to want to look a certain way. Shows can increase knowledge on the subject and it could potentially lead to more surgeries. “The growing numbers of “makeover” television shows which make cosmetic surgery seem simple; have encouraged adolescents to pursue surgery to improve their physical appearance. As a result, more teenagers are going under the knife to achieve a desired look” (Bietz, n.d.). Media has always had a large impact on teens, but in the end it is their own decision to go through with it or not. COSMETIC SURGERY 3
While people get cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks; it can become very hazardous to one’s health with continual surgery. “Our technological advancements have created a society in which almost anything is possible-and these possibilities are intervention in our lives have crossed the boundary of the corporeal into the flesh of millions of individuals, willing to put their bodies on the line for firmer midsections, perkier breasts, and fewer wrinkles” (MacPherson, 2007). Many people get surgeries in the same area because they are not satisfied with the state they are in. Continual surgeries can lead to a ‘droopy’ look after a while if not maintained. Also, many people are getting Botox injections and after several injections it can lead to loss of expression, if it is being injected into the face. “There can be complications to any surgery – Even in the hands of the most experienced plastic surgeon; plastic surgery has risks just like any other surgical procedure” (Gupta, 2012). Premature surgery in young teens can possibly be unnecessary and potentially dangerous. In some cases cosmetic surgery can enhance a person’s looks but at a cost. Consequently, cosmetic surgery has an effect on one’s health, and it can also