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Plate Tectonics What observations support the continental drift hypothesis?
the similarities in shape between continents
­evidence of climate change How do observations of earthquake and volcanic activity support the theory of plate tectonics? ­there are more volcanos and earthquakes at the edge of tectonic plates

What evidence in support of plate tectonics is provided by studies of the ocean floor? ­there is a chain of volcanic mountains on the ocean floor that are laid out to outline parts of a tectonic plate

Explain the weaknesses in Wegner’s continental drift hypothesis. ­couldn’t be proven through an observable mechanism Compare plate tectonics to continental drift hypothesis. ­both are theories on how Earth has developed over time
­continental drift suggests that at one point all continents were connected
­plat tectonics explains the motion of tectonic plates

What would you expect to find if you measured the temperatures of rocks on the ocean floor at various distances from a mid­ocean ridge? (provide evidence of your thinking) they might be cold because it is very far down underwater
The ridge is hot so as you get farther away it becomes colder. Explain how new oceanic crust is formed at a divergent boundary. mid­ocean ridges cause sea floor spreading, making oceanic plates expand Describe two types of subduction boundaries. (identify an example of each) ­oceanic vs. oceanic~volcanic island arc on overriding ­