Essay on Plato and Ideal City

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In the book The Republic written by Plato, Socrates brings up 3 questions to a group of friends about justice. While trying to figure out the answers another question arouse “ what is the ideal city”. Now what Plato was trying to accomplish is everyone be aware of corruption that was going on around him or her by educating the people. When they asked Socrates about the ideal city one oh his responses was “ like the children of other craftsmen, they can see what they will have to do in their own craft when they are grown up. But in addition to observing, they should help and assist in every aspect of war, and take care of their mothers and fathers”(pg.158). In this section he was talking to Glaucon and describing the ideal city. What Socrates was trying to say is that everyone has a talent or craft and each should perform its own function in example to keep the ball rolling. A shoe maker only knows how to make shoes and a Shepard only knows how to herd sheep or a sails man only knows about the sea, now how would a man of the those crafts know anything about voting for a political candidate running for office. In those days all a person needed to do was lie and give you a perfect story and the ignorant people would believe it. That it why Socrates believed in educating the people so they could see for themselves the corruption. Socrates also believed in a Hierarchical system meaning everyone sticks to there craft and leave the guardians and auxiliary in watch and having