Essay about Play and High School

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Best decision There are many decisions I’ve made, learned from, and regretted. Somewhere good and somewhere bad but the best decision I ever made was playing soccer threw high school. Soccer gave me the opportunity to meet new friends to grow close to. It also gave me something to do with my free time. Soccer was a great way for me to keep in shape throughout high school. Every day we would meet up and spend our time as a team together. I couldn’t imagine how school would have been without playing soccer. Starting out as a freshman in high school sports can be intimidating but soccer helped me open up and meet new friends. I started the season only knowing a few of my team mate from previous years and the new people I didn’t recognized welcomed me on to the team. Some were older than me, in different grades and other where my age but we all learned to get along. Our teams would have to complete projects together like the Jonny apple seed dunk tank and the car washes. This made us spend more time together and bringing all the girls closer. The amount of hours we spent together made our team feel like a family. Till this day I still hang out with some of the girls from my team. Not only did soccer help me to meet people but it gave me something to do with my free time. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV at home I would be out playing soccer. Every day after school I had practice. For those two hours after school my time was occupied, keeping me out of trouble. On the weekends I would have games too look forward to and anticipate instead of sleeping in and doing nothing. Even after the game our team would meet up to hang out.