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Has Hamlet Gone Mad

Jealousy is like a symptom that makes people feel insecure about their selves. It makes people unconfident about their image. It inspires people to desire the things they don’t have and leave the things they do have. Jealousy also creates a variety of feelings and emotions for example madness, loneliness, anger and possibly even death. Murder, jealousy, revenge and a lot more is taken place in Denmark. I consider Hamlet Jr. a tragic hero because throughout the play, he makes positive and rational actions yet he also makes tragic flaws. I believe Hamlet is stuck in his own mind and he doesn’t know where to escape from his reality. One of Hamlet’s main flaw is his emotional feelings that he seems to face but he cannot control his feelings. As soon as he finds out about his father’s murder fills him with rage inside of him. Even though he‘s mad, he still manages a way to deal with his situation. It is safe to say that because of Claudius’s cruel action, Hamlet decides to act irrational about the fact that his own father was murdered by his uncle and also how his mother, Gertrude, got over Hamlet Sr. in just two months and ended up marrying King Claudius. Hamlet know’s that he is self-determined and motivated to seek revenge for the memory of his hero, Hamlet Sr. He felt as if it was his only option to avenge his father’s death even if it meant to go insane because humans fight for the ones they truly love. And sometimes the love that we feel for our heroes can make us go far beyond our limitations. Its cruel especially to murder the ones we love and when they hurt the people we care and admire we forget everything and do the most irrational things. He appears to not only act violently crazy, but also lose control of who we really are. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Horatio replies back to Hamlet "You speak wild and whirling words." (Act I Scene v, line 134) Throughout the play, he speaks gibberish. When he starts conversing with people, his speech has no actual meaning leaving the other person in confusion. I believe only a crazy person would speak nonsense. Even though Hamlet is very emotional, Hamlet is strong because he is a non-conformist and because he fights for what he wants. We clearly see that Hamlet is very upset by his mother and uncle’s actions. Throughout the play, Hamlet is so addicted to anger which causes him to act through emotions and ignoring the gift of him using his intellect. Hamlet’s main goal is to avenge his father’s death but, his actions to kill him are emotionally stuck inside of him because of the irrational decisions he has made through the craziness he has put on. At first, Gertrude was talking to Hamlet about how he was suppose to forget about his father’s death and move on with life. In the play, Gertrude says, “Seek for thy noble father in the dust. Thou know‘st tis common. All that lives must die”(I.ii.71-73) Hamlet just couldn’t forget about his father in an instant. He was still full of sadness and felt weak and manipulated with the words of advice from Gertrude and Claudius. It is more than obvious that he turns insane once he finds out his uncle and his mother got married. In Claudius’s speech, he mentions, “ I’ve married my former sister-in-law, the queen, with mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.” (I.ii.8-11) It makes Hamlet feel more outrageous and mad rather than being sad. It has been so little time and his mother seems to forgotten all about Hamlet Sr. It forces Hamlet to explode because a mother cannot give up love in an instant. It leads Hamlet to insanity talking about how he wants to commit suicide and how there is no point of living. In Hamlet’s soliloquy, he speaks, “ O God, God! How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses in the world. Fie on t‘ah fie! Tis an unweeded garden.” (I.ii.133-135) In the first soliloquy, he begins with the aspiration of death upon him. His speech reveals that he’s suffering from