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1. For my first play report I chose to watch Tyler Perry’s comedy play, Madea Gets a Job. I watched a recorded version of this play production on DVD at home on Sunday June 2, 2013. 2. This play is a considered a comedy, but it also has some very serious themes regarding life and relationships both family and personal. It is also sort of a musical because the characters just randomly break out in song in order to get their points across to the audience. I believe that the plot line is very realistic. I could see the events actually taking place in real life everyday situations. All the characters speak themselves. The language is definitely not for children, because there are a lot of obscenities said throughout the play. However, the language is very believable given the scene that the play is set in. I can absolutely relate to the characters in the play. I can actually relate some of them to people I know and associate with in my own life, which makes the paly more interesting for me. The main theme for this play is to not take life for granted. It shows that throughout life people make many mistakes, but that doesn’t make someone a bad person. It teaches you to learn from your mistakes, and to forgive and forget people who have done you wrong in the past. The best part is why you are getting all these serious themes you are constantly laughing from the comedy the play provides. 3. This play is definitely a mixture of genres in my opinion. I say this because technically this play is considered a comedy, but I think it could also be considered a musical and a drama. I believe this paly to be a mixture of all three genres, and I believe that is one of the reasons that it is so great. Obviously when Madea is a character in any play it is going to be hilarious, but Madea also has a very serious side to her. She gives excellent relationship and spiritual advice to all of the characters in the play. This expert writing gives her character the opportunity to not only be very comedic but dramatic as well. This play can also be considered a musical because its starts off in song, ends in song, and all throughout the play characters sing to show their emotions. 4. The actors were selected very well for this production. All the characters were very believable. It could have very easily been something that was occurring in the real world at any given time. The issues were real issues that come up throughout a person’s life. The characters definitely hold your interest throughout the entire play, especially Madea and Mrs. Hattie. They were my favorite two characters. I at first thought Madea and Hattie would clash severely, but I thought it was absolutely hilarious when Madea first saw Hattie in this play. Apparently they already knew each other and broke out in a dance together. I couldn’t stop laughing. The rest of the actors played their characters so well that I really do believe that I could have been watching real live events taking place. 5. The staging was done very well. The set was set up as a two story assisted living facility, and it looked very believable. The patient’s rooms took up the entire upstairs. Downstairs, Mrs. Carla’s office was separate from the rest of the living area and kitchen. The bedrooms were set up looking like what I believe an assisted living center would look like. The…