Playbuilding Reflection

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Performance Night: Playbuilding Reflection Paper

Our groups playbuilding theme was a “The Revolution”. Our group which concisted of Me, Amy, Rachel, Dylan, Sian, Natasha & Maddi wanted more of a serious play rather than humor and the outcome was “The Revolution”. I play the role of a “straight” male boy in love with another character from the play who was also straight running from the government.

Our theme was “A Revolution” its set in the far future where the world has become twisted and the abnormal is normal. A few examples of this is gay and homosexual marriage is illegal along with education and free education or any type of education. The plot of our play starts off with The President (Natasha) intruducing herself and the story. The story then continues with 2 straights (Me and Amy) meeting up in secret only to be caught by a man (Dylan) who happens to be the leader of “The Resistance” and his second in command (Maddi). The leader invites the two straights to their hideout, resistant at first but the two straights later go to the hideout and meet the rest of the crew (Jovel the weaponary expert and Sian the double agent / triple agent). Later on down the story Agent 13 is kidnapped The President bribes the two straights and everyone is captured and killed. We came to the idea of a Revolution because another team was doing it and it was different. We took on this theme because our team members wanted more of a serious role rather than just comedy and humor. Our piece explored The Revolution through rules such as gay marriage being concidered “normal” and any type of education being concidered “illegal”. Dylan wanting a main role took the role as the leader of The Revolutionaries, from the beginning Natasha wanted a more serious role so everyone was happy for her to be the president AKA “Bad Guy”. In the end all of us just wanted more serious roles.

Our group empolyed many elements of drama an example of this in our performance is when Maddi is freaking out and screaming because Jovel had gone missing on the battlefield, Maddi had