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Playing Beatie Bow Chapter Summaries Chapter 1 Chapter 1 of ‘Playing Beatie Bow’ is mainly the introducing and descriptions of the character. The chapter showed the family situation and how it is not at its best state. It shows how Abigail Kirk the protagonist of the novel hates her father, Weyland Kirk. Her resentment towards her father is due to the reason that he left his mother, when she was ten, for another woman; Jan. Abigail chooses to change her name and doesn’t like being called pet names as she hates everything and blames everything about her father. She also has a bad relationship for her grandmother, shouting and always disagreeing with each other. You can see the bitterness between them where Abigail is changing her name …show more content…
Adding to that, using the excuse that he is sick, he says ‘I’m no’ fit to climb all those stairs. I’ll wait till I’m carried.’
Also, later in this chapter she discovers where she is by looking at ‘The Cut’ she saw at the low peaked roof of the Garrison Church. ‘The confectionary shop was on the corner of Cambridge and Argyle streets. To the right was Circular Quay, and George Street and between them and Mr Bow’s shop was Harrington Street.’ With this information, she finds out where she accidentally stumbled into the nineteenth century. But rather than try to go straight away, she procrastinates.

Chapter 6
In this chapter, she plans to run away and go back to where she came from. As she walked towards Argyle Street she passes dirty beggars, soldiers and finally she tries to walk past Ragged school without getting caught. Walking past cautiously, she hears the drone of many voices reciting the Lord’s Prayer but suddenly she hears the voice of Beatie ‘Eh, it’s Abigail! Abby, come back! Where ye off to?’ Immediately, she sprints off but with Beatie accompanied by Judah chasing her. She quickly dives into a narrow opening and saw Beatie and Judah run past. Suddenly, a legless man grabs her on the ankle, they kick and shove each other but eventually she is caught by a bearded woman.
She gets tied up at an underground lair for prostitutes, by a few women. As she thought about Granny, and watching the lady guarding her get drunk, she freed herself finger by