Playing Card and Joker Red Joker Essay

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Poker 扑克

Card 牌

Joker 王

red Joker 大王

black Joker 小王

Ace A

King K

Queen Q

Jack J

ten-two 10-2 用正常数字读法

hearts 红桃 红心 spades 黑桃 diamonds 方块 方片 clubs 梅花 草花

读完整扑克牌名时英语习惯先说数值后说花色 恰与中文相反 例 红桃 A the ace of hearts

黑桃 3 the three of spades 方块 J the Jack of diamonds

playing cards 扑克牌 play cards 玩牌 deck of cards 一副牌 face card 花牌 surt 同花色的一组牌 play straight 出顺子 flush 同花

straight flush 同花顺 single 单张 pair 一对

killing 杀人游戏 Judge 法官 扑克牌 J Killer 杀手 扑克牌 K Policemen 警察 扑克牌 A Civilian 平民 其它 牌


【法官用语】 Judge’s Words

每人一张牌 请看好自己手中的牌,默记自己的身份。Each one takes one card. Please look at your own card carefully. remember your role according to the card in your hand.

天黑请闭眼。注意 低头、靠后、手离开桌面 It' s getting dark. Close all your eyes, please. Attention: Bow/hang/lower your heads, lie back and take your hands away from the table (and keep your hands off the table).

杀手请睁眼。The killers open your eyes, please.

杀手确定杀人目标。The killers choose one object you want to kill. Action!

是××号吗 Is it No.××?

杀手请闭眼。 The killers close your eyes, please. 警察请睁眼。The policemen open your eyes, please.

警察请验人。The policemen point out one suspect, please. 是××号吗 看我手势。Is it No.××? Please look at my gesture.

警察确定内推对象。The policemen determine other suspects /objects to be pushed out.

警察请闭眼。The policemen close your eyes. 天亮了 大家请睁眼。Day breaks. Everybody opens your eyes, please.

××号误睁眼了 被判出局。Since No.××opened his/her eyes by accident, he/she was (called) out. 第一个被杀的 是。The first one to be killed was No.××.

请留遗言。Please leave (get out) your last words.

从死者左手边的第一个开始发言。The one sitting on the left side of the dead speaks (makes your statement) first.

好 现在开始投票。Well, begin voting now. 怀疑××号是杀手的请举手。Those who suspect No. ×× is a killer put up your hands, please. × ×号 呢 No.××, No.……?

好 下面请票数相同的×号和×号开始为自己辩解。从××号开始辩解。Well, since No.

×and No.× have the same ballot /poll, both have to say /defend for themselves.

再次对一号和二号投票 若票数仍然相同。就由其他人发言 为其辩解。Cast a vote on No.

×and No.× once again. If they…