Plays: Wind and Different Results Essay

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During my trip to Swanage the things I enjoyed many stuff and activities, one of the thing I enjoyed the most was rock climbing and climbing up the hills to get the sketches done but it was quite tiring while climbing the hills as they were quite high which was a bit difficult and coming back down was dangerous as the way was very steep however I enjoyed the trip overall.

Firstly 1 problem would be the questionnaire and the problem with them would be that there were not enough people we could ask questions and the way we could’ve solved this problem would have been that we could’ve done the questionnaires at different time so there would have been more people and that would’ve meant that we would’ve got more results which would have been good for our analysis.

Another method would be the wave count and the problem is that we may have got inaccurate results and that would’ve meant that our results are wrong and that would’ve led to wrong results on our analysis which would’ve created errors in all of our data. The way we could’ve solved this problem would have been that we could’ve repeatedly done which would’ve have led to us obtaining more reliable results.

In my opinion I think that we would have got different results if we done the experiments at different times because for example if we done the wave count at a different time then we would have probably obtained different results due to the fact that the wind and the wave speed may have been different and that would’ve meant that we would have