Please Discuss the Social, Political, and Economic Conditions of the 1950’s; Which Lead to the Social Upheaval of the 1960’s. Essay

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Micah Briggs
HSTV 440
Essay 1

Please discuss the social, political, and economic conditions of the 1950’s; which lead to the social upheaval of the 1960’s.

In the 1950s the United States was marked by economic growth and an increase in manufacturing and home construction due to the post WWII economic boom. The Cold War also began during this time frame and brought with it many conflicts that helped create the proliferation of a politically conservative environment throughout the country. The fear of communism resulted in many Congressional hearings and prevalence of an anti communist sentiment. During this time period society was characterized by a spirit of conformity and conservatism. The film, “The Beat Generation: An American
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This sudden explosion in the population began to be referred to as the “baby boom” and was marked by conservative family values; specifically the roles women were to play in American society. Dr. Benjamin Spock, who authored the book Baby and Child Care, contended that women should “…devote themselves to the full time care of their children.” American culture promoted this idea by depicting marriage and feminine domesticity as the central goal of American women; this idea was also reinforced in educational and religious settings (Francev, Kimberly, Ph.D. "Lectures 4: The Failure of the New Frontier." Lecture. 11 Feb. 2013. 01 Jan. 2013. Web. 11 Feb. 2013).
Although many Americans enjoyed successes and prosperity throughout the 1950s, there was still a large number of the population who lived in poverty. More than one-fifth of the nation lived below the poverty line. As wealthy whites began to move to the suburbs, city funds began to diminish that provided social services to the poor. This impoverished class was often made up of racial minorities, and as these minority groups basic needs went unanswered the condition of the cities worsened (Francev, Kimberly, Ph.D. "Lectures 3: The Backlash Against Conformity: The Beat Generation." Lecture. 11 Feb. 2013. 01 Jan. 2013. Web. 11 Feb. 2013).
American culture changed significantly throughout the 1950s through different media outlets such as television and music. Television