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Learning Styles
Susan Spurlock


Learning styles describes the way people process new information. There are seven different learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary. Some people has a combination of learning styles others only has one learning style. By understanding your learning style the student can better learn by using that style of learning techniques. Also when the student recognizes there weakness they can use strategies to match there preferred learning style.

Since my preferred learning style is visual I have the most trouble learning in math class. I often use flash cards to remember mathematical formulas. I often put something with the picture to remember important words. My weakest learning style is aural where I am expected to learn by listening to a lecture. It is hard for me to gather out the important parts during lecture. Multiple choice tests are easy for me because if I can’t visually recognize the correct answer I can however pin point which answer makes more since. Essay questions are much harder for me because it’s hard to come up with the correct answer in a blank space.

I have developed some strategies to help me learn during a lecture class. I can use these during, before and after class. The first part is to read all material before class so I can have a better understanding of what the lecture will be over that day. I take notes