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The theme my script explores is lust, destiny and betrayal. It is set in London in the 1840’s the end of the industrial era and is based on the life of Elizabeth Kenting an upper class women .Elizabeth’s parents, Lord and Lady Kenting, have arranged for her to be married to Elijah Chester. Elizabeth’s duty is to marry Elijah, but Elizabeth is fatally attracted to Khillion, Elijah’s brother. Elizabeth must choose between her duty Elijah Chester and her heart yearning love Khillion Chester. When Khillion goes to his brother Elijah to win Elizabeth’s hand in marriage Elijah is once again drunk and does something he may regret when sobered up.

CHARACTERS: in order of appearance.
ELIZABETH KENTING: age seventeen. Who is getting married to Elijah yet finds herself fatally attracted to Khillion, Elijah’s brother. The wedding to Elijah was arranged by her parents Lord and Lady Kenting. Her duty is to Elijah yet her heart yeans for Khillion.
MARY KENTING: Age fifteen. Elizabeth’s younger sister by two years. A strong minded young woman who disapproves of Elizabeth’s constant romantic rendezvous yet she is highly against forced marriages so therefore keeps quiet about Elizabeth’s secret.
KHILLION CHESTER: age 21. The younger brother of Elijah Chester. Has made it his life’s goal to spend all of his rich parent’s money or kills himself trying. He has spent his youth drinking and breaking girl’s hearts and partying. This was before he met brother’s fiancé, He has