Essay about Plus-size Model and Large Breasted Model

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ARH 103


Concepts of beauty: Ancient versus Contemporary



Ex. 1: Mesopotamian Standing female figure Ex. 2: Seated Goddess Ex.3: Near Eastern woman or votive statue of goddess

with beautiful praying women with plus sized model seated with large breasted model

In the following assignment I will develop my concepts and opinions on the beautiful women from the ancient age to contemporary. I have chosen three ancient sculptures; one from the Neolithic era and two from Mesopotamia. The contemporary women I have chosen; is a women praying, a plus sized model, and a large breasted model as well. The assumptions I have made from the ancient women to the women of today is beauty is all what is perceived from our own opinion. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and what matters does not come on the outside. So the question is what do you find beautiful?

The first example from the ancient age is a Mesopotamian woman standing with her hands folded, looking pure and innocent. The structure is made of mud- brick and is located in a basements in the Inanna Temple. The women is draped in garment over her left shoulder which goes down to around her ankles with her feet uncovered. The contemporary women I found to represents the women is a beautiful lady standing and praying. She looks so pure and clean, and shows she is devoted to God. I found her to be very similar to the structure in a sense they are both so calm and peaceful.

In the next example there is a structure of a seated goddess whom seems to be obese with a large gut and large breast. She is seated on a throne and is much large then average sized women of back then and today. She seems to be a goddess by the type of throne she is seated on and because of how large she is, being large means you can afford to eat food during that period of time. The example I’ve chosen is of a plus size model sitting on a throne as well completely nude. This picture is not in the norm of beauty in today’s society however I think the women’s curves are attractive to many men.

The last structure I have chosen was perhaps the Goddess Lilith, known as the “mistress of animals.” Hints the way the structure is figured with her basically having four legs like an animal. The structure is Mold cast and hand built ceramic probably a height of 12 to 13cm tall. The thing that