PM 101 BalancingTheChristianLife Essay

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Working in a corporate environment, I come across several rational and intellectual talks and discussions regarding the spirituality and beliefs of my co-workers. An understanding developed in this class and the readings assigned to us, helps me develop a healthier perspective on spiritual life. “Balancing the Christian Life”, by Charles C. Ryrie, in particular has been a good read to reflect on some fundamental biblical concepts, my responsibilities to develop a Christ centric lifestyle and some practical issues affecting a Christian lifestyle which is seen prevalent in the current society. The author here stresses on the goal of living a genuine Christian life and that although seems like simply having a genuine spiritual life, it sure is more challenging to actually live it. Charles C. Ryrie, clearly states that “To the one who persists and obeys, God will give increasing understanding of His truth and will” and this to me holds utmost significance as it is possible to be swayed and tossed away by life’s experiences and be vulnerable to make decisions which are not in accordance with the word of God. Issues related to temptation, sanctification, a routine faithful life and such are addressed in this book and is sure enlightening to have a good knowledge of these in order to ensure that my decisions or actions when in the midst of an issue isn’t an impromptu one based on those events, but rather Christ centric. The author in this book has dealt rightly with the various