What Is Proj Cost And Schedule Control

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Project Week 4

Proj Cost & Schedule Control

A Project is a set of activities which achieves a specific objective (quality) through a process of planning and executing tasks (schedule) and the effective use of resources (budget).

Executive Summary/Proposal –
Our mission is "Fitness for Life." Performing Fitness, LLC intends to fulfill the mission through the opening of many fitness centers. Our first center will be used as model on which to base additional franchised studios.
Fitness training is a growing trend in health and fitness industry and Performing Fitness will teach both traditional and unique styles of fitness and yoga classes. The blend of styles will draw more customers than typical studios attract. By taking advantage on this strength, we are in a unique position to create nationally recognized style of teaching and a recognized brand. The main objective is to open a fitness center that will attract clients from other local centers. Franchise additional centers under the Performing Fitness Center brand, will establish our unique system of fitness training. The focus is to open our first local studio, train teachers in our methodology create branded retail products then expand our unique yoga fitness system into recognizable market culture. The second step is to train teachers and staff. The Mission Statement for Performing Fitness Center, LLC, is dedicated to promoting healthier living and reduced stress through fitness and meditation classes and massage therapy.
Classes will be offered morning, afternoon and evening seven days week to accommodate all of our clients' schedules. The Center will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and potential for 24 hour use. Massage therapy meditation classes and private classes will be offered as contracted services and scheduled by appointment. One full time employee will be the business manager and responsible for the day to day operations, accounting sales marketing and future business development. The manager will also have weekly reports with executives and investors to provide progression in business and possible needs for our customers and employees.
Experienced yoga tend to try new studios and styles of teaching. Advertising new style of yoga in new studio will draw many students from competing studios; advertising the health benefits of yoga practice in general will draw first time yoga students looking for new fitness regime. Many yoga studios are small teacher owned operations with basic services and little or no amenities; often they also lack the equipment required to maintain proper temperatures. Full service studio complete with amenities and equipment that teaches variety of yoga styles in addition to our most popular unique style will easily draw clients away from other local studios.
The schedule for opening of Performing Fitness Center, LLC is estimated at 4 months, with a projected start date of 08/04/2013 and with an estimated end date of 12/10/2013. Opening Performing Fitness Center, LLC requires loan to open our first center. Funding is to be used to cover expenses of opening our first studio location. An initial loan amount of $100,000.00 will be needed to open first center location.
The list of expenditures includes: accounting and legal services, advertising/promotion, association dues, banking fees, brochures (design, printing and postage), cleaning supplies, credit card fees, printing (business cards, stationary, etc.), Internet/Web site design and maintenance, liability