Watson�s Theory Of Human Caring To Ri's Case

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In order to apply Watson’s Theory of Human Caring to RI’s case, it helps to consider that one of the goals is to help persons gain degree of harmony within the mind, body, and soul which generates self-knowledge, self reverence, self-healing and self care processes “ (Watson, 1985, p.49). Beyond RI’s medical curing nurse caring can help him “gain control, become knowledgeable, and promote health changes” (Gonzalo, 2011, para.). Emotional and social factors must be seriously considered in RI’s case. Due to the recent death of his wife, he may be depressed and not handling grief well. It is possible that he has not had adequate nutrition due to depression or lack of experience in shopping for, planning, and preparing meals. During the psychosocial assessment and evaluation, it is important to reassure RI of nurse support and give him ample opportunities to talk and to ask questions.

In addition to the medical evaluations and regimens, the following services should be considered to help RI regain his ability to self-heal and self-care. Psyche consult and evaluation, nutritionist consult, evaluation and recommendation (possibly eligible for Meals on Wheels), occupational therapist, social worker, physical therapist, Home nursing/health assistance. Arrangement should be made for RI’s former daughter-in-law to be designated his responsible party, if he agrees and to be aware of any follow-up services, and or appointments. The nurse will schedule any follow up visit with health care provider