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Pocahontas was one very successful women. All we really know it that she saved a man named John Smith. But what happened after that? Did she have kids? Did her and Smith reunite? Although her journey was rough, her story played an important role to the English and Powhatan Tribe. Pocahontas was born in the year 1595, but no one really knows the actual date she was born. Pocahontas meant rough or playful. She was named Pocahontas because of her behhaviour as a child. She was the daughter of the Chief of Powhatan. Pocahontas was her father's favorite out of all his children. As she was growing up, her father wanted her to marry someone who would be responsible to take over as Chief of the tribe. Her father arranged for her and a man named Kocoum to get married. Pocahontas was really known for saving the life of John Smith. Smith was with the rest of the Englishmen looking for new land. He was captured by some men from the Powhatan Tribe and was about to be executed, but then Pocahontas came and rescued him. People think that John Smith could have made this up, as he does with other stories about being rescued my other ladies. Pocahontas and Smith could've liked eachother, but no one was really sure. What really happened was Pocahontas' father adopted Smith after becoming good friends with his daughter. And they had peace with eachother. Then she met John Rolfe. John Rolfe was a tobacco grower who was trying to grow some tobacco on the tribe's land. The tobacco became a huge hit! This brought good business to the colony and the Indians. He met Pocahontas when she was held captive for ransom by some Englishmen. He fell in love with her, and so did she. Once she was released, they got permission from the tribe and the Governor to marry. This brought eight years of peace with the colony and the indians. They had one child named Thomas Rolfe. They