Pocahontas and New World Essay

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I have chosen the colony Jamestown. Jamestown came to the New World in 1607. Jamestown was the first permanent British settlement. They came to the New World thirteen years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.

It all started in 1606 when King James the I granted a charter to a new venture. The Virginia Company was sent off to form a new settlement to the New World in three ships. Their names were Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. The reason Jamestown wanted to come to the New World was for more land for crops, tobacco and to become wealth with more gold. They also wanted to convert the Natives to Christianity. This was all led by John Smith.

John Smith had a motto. His motto was “Work or Starve”. At the beginning Jamestown started out with one hundred and one . Then After what they call “the starving time”started a hard times for Jamestown. This was in the years 1609-1610. Which lead to many diseases and hunger. Only 38 people survived after the first year living in the New World.

Then there’s the Native Americans come in the picture. At first they saw them as no threat. With the friendly chief Powhatan that ruled the confederated tribes.The Native Americans accepted Jamestown and Jamestown accepted the Native American. Then when the friendly chief Powhatan died in 1618 Opechancanough became chief. The leader Opechanough hated the English and planned secretly to destroy their settlements. This later starts drama between the Native American and Jamestown.

In 1610 150 settlers arrived. When they arrived they brought John Rolfe. This was a part of a plan that was led by The Virginia Company. He then began experimenting with

growing tobacco. After experimenting, he developed Virginia’s first export. In 1614 he married a woman named Matoaka also known as Pocahontas. He later than had baby and then dies in 1622.

Even though the tobacco production was going good, the colony was still going downhill with its finances. So King James I announced that the Virginia Company went bankrupt in 1624. Then they later found