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Smit Soni
Mrs. Frank Reason of Poe’s Death After reading three articles and looking at all the perspectives of people on their reason of
Poe’s death. I believe that the Poe exceeding his limit of drinking which made him not able to take care of himself, leading to get ill which led him to a serious health situation from the cold and drinking combination. In the article by Kenneth Silverman, he states that Edgar A. Poe was so drunk that he was not able to care about himself exposing to the cold weather and getting himself sick which led to his death. This is evident when Silverman states “Poe may have become too drunk to care about protection himself against the wind and cold.” This states that the reason for Poe’s death was excessive drinking which led him to be so drunk to even protect himself from getting ill by the combination of drinking and the cold weather resulting in his death. In the article by New York Times, they think that Edgar A. Poe died due to excessive drinking rather than dying from a combination of drinking and cold weather. This is evident when the article mentions “Poe was found drunk and unconscious outside a bar.” this illustrates that Poe was drunk a lot which he never did before and his body got in a really bad situation

which made his unconscious. This brings out the thought that Poe was drunk and this might have been another reason for his death. Whereas, on the other hand another the article by New York Times states that Edgar A.
Poe died due to rabies not