Essay on poe's death

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Poe’s Death

No one is really sure how Edgar died, but there are many theories. Some believe it was from mercury poisoning others say it was because he suffered from brain murmurs and heart problems. I believe that Poe died form mercury poisoning, a down factor of being treated for Cholera. Cholera was a bacteria that killed most people in 2 days of catching it, with out proper medication and or treatments. The treatment for Cholera was treated by blood letting (cutting a vein and letting it run into a bowl), and a substance called calomel (mercury chloride) a highly poisonous substance if swallowed or inhaled. See back in the day dosages weren’t always accurately the same; therefore Poe could have been over dosed with mercury and not even known. Some of the symptoms related to mercury poisoning are mussel spasms, this might be why his face looked the way it did. Another factor could be from him being cooped. Cooping happened during election time in what they would call “mob town” in Boston, because people got crazy and captured others. Cooping was when someone took another person and locked them in a very small room with tons of alcohol to drink and no water. Cooped persons were often beaten and forced to vote illegally several times a day throughout town. Many of the towns people said that the cooped people would have their clothes changed and identity’s hidden. It was said that when they found Poe he was in clothes that you might find on a so-called hobo. He had a straw hat and clothes with several holes.
Now doing some research I found that due to the fact that Poe was locked in a small room and was forced to replace water with alcohol and the fact that he was often beaten and forced to vote long days.
Poe may have also have gotten over heated and over tired. Foul play also could have been a possibility in his death due to the beatings he induced while being cooped.
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