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President Theodore Roosevelt (TR), square deal

By, Nwerebuaku Mpi
Amazing, outstanding, intelligent, enthusiastic, strong, willing, determined, are words to describe Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest man to assume the U.S. presidency in Nation’s history after the assassination of former President, McKinley. The Square Deal was Roosevelt's domestic program formed on three basic ideas: “conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection.” In other words, the Square Deal attacked plutocracy and terrible trusts while at once protecting businesses from the most risky demands of organized labor.
Theodore Roosevelt is an unforgettable man. In New York, he was the strong voice of progressivism in the White House of the year he was elected as president, 1901. TR believed that strong corporations were good for America, but he also believed that corporate behavior must be watched to ensure that corporate greed did not get out of hand, basically talking about the trust-busting and federal regulation of business, which is why he took action in the progressive era. The reforms of his “Square Deal” would help ensure that every citizen had a fair chance to compete and succeed. What did he do during the progressive era? He, like many Progressives, possessed a fear that the merging of power and wealth in the hands of private interests endangered the stability of the nation. Roosevelt's aim was not to reorganize American capitalism but to protect it from its own extremes through careful government