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Poem Analysis I felt a relation to “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas because like him I experienced my Mom’s slow and painful passing. She suffered from cervical cancer for five long dreadful years. I laid beside her many nights in the hospital wishing her recovery would be quick. When the author says, “rage, rage”, it reminds of the times I was upset at the fact of losing my mother at ten years of age. I wondered what I would do in my teenage years without her. How would I be able to raise children if I didn’t experience a mother’s love first hand? A lot of questions ran through my mind that caused years of frustration. Although, I suffered from depression at a young age, I know understand she is no longer hurting and resting in heaven peacefully. I thank family members around me throughout the years to guide me to the right path in life. They taught me to be strong during the sadness and not to worry about the doubts I had in myself. I’m not sure how old the author’s father was when he was ill, but my mother was only thirty-three years old. She was very young and had a lot of life to live. She was a very fun loving person, kind to many, and opened her home to other family members in need. It saddens my heart to know that just a great person is no longer walking this earth. Even though I was five years old when she was diagnosed, I have a lot of great memories together with her. I also have numerous amount of pictures from vacations we took