Poem Analysis: Cartoon Physics

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Poem Analysis
After much time and deliberation I chose to memorize and analyze Nick Flynn’s imaginative free verse poem, Cartoon Physics, part 1, which seamlessly incorporates multiple noteworthy themes that resonate with the reader. Throughout the entire poem, the author meticulously introduces powerful life lessons that have also abetted me to personally grow as a person and as a student. There are evident themes that project the importance of remembering to appreciate life as it comes and to always keep oneself aligned with reality. Nick Flynn makes influential language choices that reiterate how one can learn from their past mistakes or falters they’ve experienced. The poem’s main theme provides an in depth view of the loss of childhood innocence and the effects it may have that resonated immensely.
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He explains the struggle that children nowadays are facing when he said, “Ten year olds should stick with burning houses, car-wrecks, ships going down- earthbound tangible disasters, arenas where they can be heroes.” This particular theme relates to past personal encounters that have also allowed me to gain useful knowledge. As I was growing up I dealt with a multitude of situations that granted me great maturity and efficient problem solving skills. The divorce of my parents at such an imperative age as I was starting out middle school impacted me in many positive and negative ways. I can relate to Cartoon Physics, Part 1 because it reminds the reader to be prepared for the controversial realities one may face throughout their