Poem: Blame and Pasta the Quote Essay

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“We Blame Society But We Are Society”
By: Pasta
The quote I chose is “We blame Society but We Are Society” which is by a street artist named Pasta. I chose this quote because every social media app or website that you can think of we are throwing the words “blame society” out there when we don’t actually think of ourselves as the one to blame. The reason why we do that is because we are taught to deflect responsibility. The reason why this quote is so important to me, and the reason why it’s the background on my phone, is because we are shaped by society, by what we wear, what type of music we listen to, etc… We think society is corrupt but don’t agree that it’s mainly our fault. It’s as if we are saying society hates society and if that’s true than why isn’t it changing. It’s because we want to fit in ironically, and in that case nothing will change. This quote inspires me to not deflect but to interpret that the reason why nothing is changing in our world is because of us.

The word that I believe ties the quote by Pasta together is “blame”. Blaming someone else is making negative statements, telling an individual or a group that what they did or what their actions were that it was socially not acceptable and that’s usually easy to visualize. When I think of the word blame I see a person pointing a finger at someone maybe even looking down on them and no matter what you’re getting blamed for it never makes you feel good, especially when we do it to ourselves and