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Dickinson and Frost
By: Caitlin Smith P.6 AP Eng.

“We grow accustomed to the Dark”, by Emily Dickinson and,” Acquainted with the Night”, by Robert Frost are two very different and similar poems.
Both having to do being stuck in the Dark even if their experiences have been different. They both talk about how from their point of views and use of imagery, and structure form shaped their experiences in the Darkness, or Night.

From Emily Dickinson’s point of view in her poem it seems more like she’s with a group always using “We” in her stanzas, while Robert Frost just speaks of himself experiencing everything. They’re both poems about the absence of light, although with different meanings to them.
Dickinson’s means more about how her, and people who’re struggling with something are stuck in the Dark, and must find their way back to the
Light that was taken away. Frosts is more about how he is alone in life and has already been in the night before using past tense in his first line,” I have been one acquainted with the night,” and travels away from light. They’re the same from their point of view because they are both stuck in the Dark or Night and have to walk their way in the Darkness.
Also they both speak of have no light with them and have nothing to guide them anymore.

The two poets also paint a picture with imagery of their journeys in the Dark, or Night. Dickinson writes,” When Light is put away as when the
Neighbor holds the lamp to witness her goodbye,” is something similar to
Frost’s,” I have out walked the furthest city light.” They’re similar because they both mention how they’re walking away from the Light in the beginning of their poems and into the Dark or Night. In both poems the moon is mentioned, “When not a Moon disclose a sign,” and “One luminary clock against the sky proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right,” meaning the moon. They both use the moon as a way to hope something will help guide them, like a beacon even though they both make a way of saying it doesn’t help them. In Dickinson’s poem her setting is a forest surrounded road where the group and her stumble, and bump into trees, while Frosts is set in him leaving a city, passing houses and a watchmen on his way out. Also Dickinson makes a point of making everyone be blind, and unaware of their surroundings which shows that they’re new to the
Dark, and Frost makes a show