Poem: Light and Darkness Essay

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Darkness and Possibilities
Written by: Casey
I look out the window in the dead of the night and all you see is darkness
When you glare at the ceiling after you turn off the lights and all you see is darkness
As you shut your eyes to fall asleep and all you see is darkness
Darkness, Darkness so dark you can almost feel it deep within you
The feeling of not being able to see or know what is around you
As you dream and think about what could possibly be out there
Life when you think about it, is half darkness
Not knowing what’s out there, not being able to feel it
The curiosity of someone when they wonder what’s past the bricks of darkness
Many people don’t get past the wall
Can’t take an axe up to the bricks and tear it down
But when you get passed the wall and you see what all you see is light is out there
Bright, glorious, happy, full of new possibilities and opportunities
Now all you need to do is open your eyes

This poem is about darkness and how it can symbolize being scared and sticking to the same old same old. This poem is not really about darkness but just about being too afraid to really go out and do something different even if you really want to try it. I used symbolism to explain and make my theme come out more in the poem. For example “light” is the happiness that you can find after you accomplish what you have set out for, and “the wall or bricks” can represent the struggle and the courage it took to make it through the hard times. I also