Essay on Poem: Serial Killer and Statement

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This poem is called “Desiderata”. The word Desiderata means things desired as essential. This poem is basically trying to put someone in the right path. It is also trying to show someone how to live a good life. This poem is overflowing with statements that can help someone in life. For example one is “As far as possible without surrender”. This statement is saying don’t give up on life, and try your best at everything you do. The purpose of this poem is to try to make someone succeed in life.
As far as possible without surrender means don’t give up on your dreams or goals in life, and what you are trying to accomplish. Also one might think it is trying to say be the best you can be in life. This statement means a lot to me because I believe one should go as far as they can in life without giving up and losing hope. I have been down a lot of times were I have felt like I couldn’t go on but I thought to myself, I have to strive for the best, and be the best. I think this statement means a lot to the world today. I say this because I have been observing Barack Obama since he has started his presidential campaign. He has had a lot of criticism thrown at him, but he still has not given up yet. He knows if he keeps up his good work he could possibly become the first black president of the United States. From personal experience I can say that I have gone as far as possible without giving up at times. For example, in middle school I was one of the smallest players on the football team, but I was one of the fastest. I tried my best and I accomplished a lot in several games by either scoring a touchdown, making a great hit or even cheering my team on while on the bench. That is why I think I have gone as far as possible without surrendering.
I think the statement be on good terms with all persons means to stay cool and friendly with everybody. I say this because one may never know when they are in trouble and that one person may be there to help them out. Also one will never know when you might need something so bad and that one person might have it. Also one would never know, if someone was friends with some, say in like middle school, and they turned out to be a serial killer or something. If they go on a killing spree and they jus happen to come to you, they would second think about killing you. I cant really say any personal experiences about being on good terms with all persons, because I…