Poem: Spanish Language and Cruel Looking Rollercoaster Essay examples

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Kevin PinerosCreative Project (Poem)10/10/14 1) It all started at age 2 where I began learning Spanish and not Spanglish. 2) Sometimes it was a challenge to learn two languages so young but I also sung words to remember 3) From elementary school to middle and to high school seemed like going on a cruel looking rollercoaster in dorney park 4) It used to hit me back then remembering taking an ESL class and speech class just to improve my English skills, but now it’s paid off on how well I excel speaking it 5) First it started off with order of operations, then to algebra, and following that trigonometry and finally calculus at least, how long can I go? 6) It’s sometimes a tale of two tales speaking from English in school to speaking Spanish at home, from this day I don’t even know how well I did to cope with that 7) Seeing all my classmates from my elementary class saying the pledge of allegiance word by word while I stand there saying nearly half of what they say 8) it’s not a coincidence that your best friend from this day experienced the same situation you did by speaking English second , what’s that? Diversity
9) I could never have a good day hearing someone say it’s impossible to learn multi-language, well without diversity it’s impossible.
10) The craziest thing to know is that I was born in the US and not learning English first but Spanish, to show that my background roots matter
11) I almost felt that getting to college will take a century long in this world, but the way time flies by these days it can take months!
12) These days I start to picture myself flying to Colombia and experience life there, the only thing I can see in my mind is starting a new life, but then again it’s not the same
13) All the work I did throughout the years in my life in school to ending up sitting in a desk in college pays off… but then there are