Poems: Aggression and F. Poems Life Essay

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Adler F.
In school you’re taught then given a test
To classify you with the worst or the best
Anxiety and thoughts of failing causing stress
You get it done though never settle for less
In life you learn while you are being tested
To overcome and shine is how to be respected
The struggle is your test that teaches a lesson
In order to act you must use your discretion
Make provisions to go in the right direction
Control your anger and appease aggression
Understand others and deal with rejection
In minor situations or dealing with profession
With a mind state conscious and astute
Positively affecting the community and youth
Always guide your people tell them the truth

Sadly I must say
Sadly I must say
On this very day
Our world is full of greed
Why? MONEY is a need!
Materials are our creed
For doing an honorable deed
Meanwhile many underachieve
(Young) Children start to conceive
Patients find it hard to even breathe
Death looms that families must grieve
Pain in our lives; That’s difficult to relieve
Lord please help me find my path
Or my perfect other half
Before it’s too late
To save my fate

Come on Pops
His life has just begun don’t leave his life story
He just turned three
Why leave him be?
That won’t bring glee
He needs you now
Be a man for the child
Even if you hate his mother
Who said you had to love her
Seriously you’re not her lover
So be around for the boy
Bring little Rodney’s life joy
I mean you’re