Essay about Poems: Fishing and Fortune Fish

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Fishing my greatest love it’s true
In my boat I’ll sit all day
Staring at the water and sky so blue
To catch a fish the time I’ll pay

Fish or not my time is great
My troubles at home they can wait
For now only fishing is on my mind
And the biggest fish I will find

In the winter I’ll fish on the ice
And in the spring I’ll fish on the lake
No matter the cost I’ll pay the price
Or the challenge I uptake

Fishing is worth the strife
Because it’s my way of life


There once was a man named Jason
His favorite cousin was Mason
They went to the lake
And found some fish to take
Next day they were found at the basin

The young angler

There was a young angler named Tony

His friends thought him full of baloney

He went to Alaska West

Where he fished with the best

The pictures prove he’s no phony

Fortune Fish

Fortune fish from the sea, 

Come and bring good luck to me. I need some luck brought my way, 

Swim through the currents to me today. 

Fish of fate and destiny, I ask you to hear my plea. 

Fortune fish from the sea, Come and bring good luck to me. 

Fish of kismet please swim near, 

I wish for positive karma here. 

Fortune fish from the sea, 

Come and bring good luck to me.

Swimming with the Fishes

With fish

I swim

With fish

I do With schools Of fish In oceans


They let Me swim These fish

Schools do As one Of them A fish in


Table of Contents

Page 2, Fishing- Sonnet
Page 3, explanation of fishing
Page 4, Jason- Limerick
Page 5, explanation of Jason
Page 6, the young angler- Limerick
Page 7, explanation of the young angler
Page 8, Fortune fish- free verse
Page 9, explanation of Fortune fish
Page 10, swimming with the fishes- free verse
Page 11, explanation of swimming with the fishes

Luca’s Poetry

In the poem “fishing” I wrote about my love for fishing. This is shown in the last line when I said that fishing is my way of life. The reason I wrote this poem is because I love to fish I and enjoy going fishing in the summer time. The reason I chose the illustration was because sometimes I dream about myself the ocean, and all the fish and I can catch.

In the poem “Jason” I wrote about two