Short Story

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The hands strike seven a.m. on this ominous Friday. The signs read "80% off all items" "Buy one, get five free" The store clerk looks to his left looks to his right and changes Closed to Open. The ground rocks as a stampede of angry shoppers burst through, like a broken Hoover Dam. Their hungry eyes bloodshot from staying up, bargain hunters who learn to never give up. This Friday, the men will be carrying lots of bags.
A wish, To rest my weary head, and desire, the smiles we never had, the memories we never made, the dreams we never shared, and to long, for a time where we can be together again...
This near endless Void, where I can hide in darkness,
And fall forever...
When despair is crowned king And your future looks so bleak; When you can't do a thing And believe that you are weak; Let these words be heard true, As they are crafted from the soul, And break the clouds to a sky blue, letting hope spill out of the hole. For your future is a bright one, illuminated by your own smile. You will end up having lots of fun, even though it will be a while.

So keep your head held up high, Good luck to thee, and good bye.
Would you trash your name For glory and fame? Would you fake a smile to make life worthwhile? Would you become a shadow of great men who you are not? When you wake tomorrow Try not to feel like rot
I see a candlelight, that burns with a passionate flame, a vigorous warmth. I see a candlelight, in each and every persons, a life glowing shine. I see their candle lights, but I can't see mine.
To dream a silent dream, To fall into an eternal slumber, For my world has been torn asunder
I can only walk my path blindfolded, for each step I make decides my final fate
Can it be