Poems Of William Blake Essay

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Poems of William Blake William Blake was an English poet that wrote many poems during the Romanticism era that were not even known to most people while he was still alive. It wasn’t until after his death that all of his works were officially published and adored by many. In Blake’s poem “The Tyger”, he uses a lot of rhymes. Almost every other line has a rhyming ending word. It seems as though Blake is almost mocking the idea of God saying that if God made the lamb did he also make the fearful tiger with its “deadly terror”. Blake also points to God being a bad being for creating the tiger when he says “What immortal hand or eye, dare frame thy fearful symmetry?” In Blake’s poem “Mock On, Mock On, Voltaire, Rousseau” Blake is making a mockery of the Enlightenment by using two of its most famous great thinkers. When Blake says “You throw the sand against the wind, and the wind blows it back again, and every sand becomes a gem” it seems as if he is mocking these two by saying they threw away what they considered trash and came to find out that it was really a delicacy. On the other hand it seems as if Blake is commending the ideas of Democritus and Newton by saying their ideas are the reason that “… Israel’s tents do shine so bright.” In Blake’s poem “The Garden of Love”, Blake makes it sound as if he cannot find love. He points out that when he went to the garden of love he saw something rather peculiar. “And I saw it was filled with graves, and tombstones where flowers…