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Things to consider when analysing poetry
Title of the poem- * hidden meaning * coordination’s
* who is speaking and who do they represent * how the voice is important for achieving the purpose * the tone of the voice and how it relates to the purpose
* alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, repetition, rhyme, rhythm
* stanzas, enjambment * point of view, narration * thematic structure- where different ideas are developed
* metaphor, simile * allusion * symbolism * contrast, binary opposition
* effect on overall mood * how it contributes to the purpose

Setting- * Symbolism * Allegory

Key questions for understanding poetry:
* What issues and do you think poem deals with? * How are these issues and ideas being represented?
* Who is telling the story of the poem? Through whose eyes do we see the characters and events of the poem? * Briefly describe the thoughts and feelings of the person writing the poem. * Describe the cultural context of the poet. How does this influence their opinion of the subject of the poem? How is this reflected in their poem?
* What is the governing mood or emotion of the poem: happiness? Sadness? Anger? Indignation? Seriousness? Amusement? * Does the mood of the poem change? How is this evident? What effect does this have on the reader?

Tone- * What do you think is the poet’s opinion of the subject of the poem? What do you think their opinion of their audience? How is this conveyed?
* Do you think the words are well chosen and vivid? Why has the poet selected the specific words they have? * Is the language colloquial, formal, descriptive etc.? What purpose does this serve? How does this impact on the reader?
* Has the poet used techniques such as a metaphor, simile, and symbolism? What is the purpose