Poetry and English Persuasive Essay

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English Persuasive Essay
James Hoffman

My generation may seem incredibly stupid and narcissistic but not everyone is like that. I understand why people don’t have faith in us; it’s probably because of the majority of us that have our nose in our phone or a camera always pointing at us. But some of us actually act like members of society unlike others that have our head in “the cloud.”

I feel like if people knew that a majority doesn’t make a whole they’d understand us. But hey, a lot of us are definitely not the brightest. I want people to know that there is still hope. People still enjoy literature and film. And I don’t mean the Hunger Games and Superman because those stories have been done forever.

Also, many of us don’t take a selfie every chance we get. I don’t understand why they do that. But hey, maybe they don’t have a mirror. I honestly can’t remember the last selfie took. But the people around me always seem to have a camera pointed at them.

So what I’m getting at is that not everyone is the same as the rest of their generation. It may seem like that’s the case but it is not.


Poetry Analysis for Time and Again

In Rainer Maria Rilke’s Time and Again there are many poetic devices. In line three “The frightfully silent ravine wherein all others end” is a metaphor for death. The entire poem is an allusion for growing old together with someone. The free