Poetry and Gaining Vast Knowledge Essay

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Determination to Succeed

Since I was young, I have striven to achieve my goals. I call it a “determination to succeed” because without it, giving up in life when a situation seems impossible to overcome, becomes second nature. The motivation to excel, though sometimes forgotten in my generation, is a quality that needs nourishment. My determination to succeed has opened many doors for me. Taking advantages of all opportunities, I stepped through each one. Committing myself to achieve in each activity has shown me the success that I hope to duplicate when I’m in college and beyond; wanting to succeed has never been an issue. Not having my family to support me has been but I have never let that stopped me. My family was never there for me in the most important events of my life, I still don’t have anything against them. When I was younger I would always hate the fact that my family was not there but as I was growing up I learned that they were not the ones who would stop me from achieving what I wanted in life. Not having them there for me has helped me get much further in life. For example, when I was in 6th grade I always thought I was one of the best poets in my class but then I entered a poetry contest and I was a disgrace. I still thrive to master my writing skills to make better poetry. My untiring reading club has also provided me with many experiences that changed my prospective and fueled my motivation to succeed. I learned from the reading club how to write and how to rhyme words to make a poem sound better and not just sound good but actually be written properly. Before I had entered that club I would not even bother about grammar and spelling all I cared was to express myself in my poems. Since I started writing poetry I have always wanted an internship that could give me the possibility to finish a good carrier in poetry and after focus myself in