Poetry and Psychoanalytical Lens Essay

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1. In “I know why the caged bird sings” they have an image of the sun and the beautiful outdoors they also create an image of this in “the lady of shallot”. In both of the poems the subjects of the poems are trapped, in the lady of shallot she is trapped by the spell she could leave but if she did she would die, in I know why the caged bird sings the bird is trapped with its wings clipped and could not escape if he wanted to because he was in a cage. I think that in the lady of shallot she is trapped more by fear of dying because she could leave at any time she wanted but she would have to risk death rather than being physically trapped behind bars like the bird in I know why the caged bird sings.
2. My last duchess can be interpreted through a psychoanalytical lens because the duke is insane and there is lots of evidence throughout the poem to suggest this. First he was a super jealous person he killed/had his wife killed basically because she was a happy person. The second thing he did that was crazy was he kept a portrait of he behind a curtain that only he was allowed to open so that she may only smile at him. The last think he did that made me think he was crazy is that he thought is would be normal/socially accepted because he showed it to his new wife before they were going to get married. All in all it was easy to look thorough it from a psychoanalytical lens because there was so much through the text that added to his character and show the reader that he was crazy.

Part 2

1. The main characters are Porphyria’s lover and Porphyia. The poem takes place inside Porphyia’s cottage on a stormy night.
2. It plays a role as a pathetic falisy it helps to show what Porphyia lover