Essay on Poetry and Strict Rhyme Pattern

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She was beautiful,
She had a beautiful heart and pretty soul.
Life with her was never dull,
There’s not a day that goes by
I don’t miss that gorgeous face
And her beautiful mind.

Life was full of cheers.
Childhood memories so dear,
That won’t disappear.

Tear after tear, veins coated with ice.
Heart of fire verses a heart of stone,
In this huge world I felt as tiny as lice.
Most of all, I felt alone.
It’s the middle of the summer,
Why does it feel so cold?
How can a girl be ten years young and lifeless?
And showing but to be so bold?
I was hurt and the hurt I felt was priceless.

My Angel
It took years, and I’ve tried my best
To lay my little angel’s soul to rest
No she won’t hear my wedding bells ring
Nor will she witness the next big thing
Anything I do I wont stop till my good is better & my better is best.

Haiku poetry is a Japanese form of poetry that originated in the seventeenth century. The strict structure does consist of a three-line stanza with no rhyming form of five, seven and five syllables. Haiku poems often represent images such as photographs or paintings. The first form of Haiku was Hokku, which originated in the seventeenth century and was later renamed “Haiku”.

Free Verse poetry derived from French poets in the nineteenth century such as Gustave Kahn and Jules Laforgue in 1890. Free verse poetry is simple but yet difficult, there are no rules when writing a free verse poem. Free verse poetry