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There is no clutter cluttered up more closely, I presume, than the clutter clustered clingingly in my friend, Betty's room.

Her mother mutters mawkishly and fills her with such dread.
She mutters on about the muss that messes Betty's bed.

At bedtime, Betty bounces all her objects to the floor.
Each morning, when she wakes up, they go on her bed once more. BY UNKNOWN

Broken hearted and so sad Big blue eyes all covered with tears Was a picture of sorrow to see Kneeling close to the side Of his pal and only pride A little lad, these words he told me He was such a lovely doggy And to me he was such fun But today as we played by the way A drunken man got mad at him Because he barked in joy He beat him and he's dying here today.
I swear I saw, not twenty feet ahead, (A) there, in the moon’s good light, (B) a man fall to the ground (C) quaking and strained without sound,(C) his whole being leaving with the last exit of air. (D) But when I got to the place where I swear he lay (E) I found just leaves and dirt which broke away (E) and in I fell down(C) and down when I pushed my boot through. (F)

Fall: The leaves are falling While the wind is blowing And the birds are cherping

Softball: Waiting for a homerun The player pitches the ball Instantly homerun

Sometimes when I'm alone
I Cry,
Cause I am on my own.
The tears I cry are bitter and warm.
They flow with life but take no form
I Cry because my heart is torn.
I find it difficult to carry on.
If I had an ear to confiding,
I would cry among my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on.
The world moves fast and it would rather pass by.
Then to stop and see what makes one cry, so painful and sad.
And sometimes...
I Cry