Poetry By Mike Ladd Analysis

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Mike Ladd, during this essay, attempts to define what Poetry is. The essay goes about this by giving examples of what a poem could be based upon. For example, the essay said a poem could be “language based”. The author goes on to describe how poetry is a way of showing the audience a message rather than saying a message straight out. Ladd adds in a thought about how we hear the poet’s voice in the words, no matter what subject.
I agree, for the most part with what Mike Ladd said. I agree with the description of poetry being a way to show someone an idea, rather than telling someone the message. I think that different kinds of poetry do more showing than others. Though I think poetry is a good way of showing an audience as opposed to telling, I think that most books are also meant to be written in a way that they show the audience rather than telling them. I also agree with Ladd’s comments on a poet’s voice, and how this voice shows through all of an author’s writing. I would, however, like to add that an author’s voice can change over time. I think this happens as we are more educated and taught new words to add to our vocabulary, as well as learning about different ways to structure sentences.
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While I agree with some of these, there is one or two that I don’t fully agree on. For instance, he lists characteristics of poetry that are positive like funny, exciting, or it gives courage, etc. I think that there is another side to poetry that he fails to mention. While it is true that poetry can be moving and funny, it can also be sad and negative. To me, poetry is a way of showing what we feel and experience. Most people experience pain , sorrow, and disappointment in their life at one point and