Poetry In Second Isiah: Servant Song

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, Servant Songs are four poems in Second Isiah that reference a Suffering Servant and "each poem adds more information about the Servant", (Tullock & McEntire, 2012, p. 223). The Suffering Servant details both the trial and death of the Servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:12 (Tullock & McEntire, 2012). The first of the four Servant Songs is The Servant's Mission and it directs attention to justice being brought to the nations by the Lord in the third person. The second Servant Song is The Servant's Responsibility, and this particular poem focuses on the role of the Servant within the world and is written in the first person. This poem is "linked to the first Servant Song by the word coastlands", (Tullock & McEntire, 2012, p. 225). The third Servant