Poetry Oral Finial 2015 Essay

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Good Morning/Afternoon, Ms Tierney and poetry club members, The Poem which was analysed today "But I Was Born Here, Miss" by an un-named migrant child in a Melbourne School, The story tells the racial vilification experienced by a unnamed student and it portrays his feelings of despair and loneliness and his want of desire to fit in, and be accepted as an Australian for who he is. The migrant boy sets the theme with Imagery, mood and tone to grab the audience’s attention and to show his views of the Australian identity.

"Wog" a offensive term used through out the poem, is a slang word in idiom of Australian English and British English usually employed as an ethnic or racial slur applied to Middle Eastern, South Asian, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. The Author's family who he talks about in the poem are from Italy and who have moved to Australia. "My Father's been in this country for 27 years, My Mother's been here for eighteen" Even though the family have lived here for many years and the author was born in Australia, the family have failed to integrate into the community therefore making them look like outsides that don’t want to be a part of the Australian identity. The Children in school, do not know any better and tease and laugh at him because they never seen him before. They tease him on how he speaks, and harass him on the way to school forcing him to get a lift from his dad so he can get to school safe, the author wonders when he and his family will find peace and happiness from the racism of the community.

"I was BORN here, Miss" a tone of saddest to the constant name-calling and put-downs from his fellow classmates and his community. A poems Tone is the poet’s emotions and feelings he portrays and uses to explain the situation in order for the reader to gain an insight and understanding from the author’s perspective. The mood and tone throughout the poem projects and creates a guilty and injustice in the reader, a foundation of the Australian identity is the motion of a fair go, the bulling and racial slurs does not reflect the culture of mateship and sticking up for the underdog which is part of the Australian ethos. The Poet uses strong language to grab the