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In this poem, Rich is depicting a domestic dispute between a man and a woman, that seems to be fairly routine for the couple in question. It is never stated whether the couple is married or not, but I inferred that they are due to them living and having children together. I connected with this poem because I have been a witness to many domestic disputes, and the effects that they have on the participants. I also have an issue with anger and arguing in my own relationships. When Rich says that “She has no blood left in her heart,” she is saying that the woman is empty in her heart. She seems to be exhausted by all of the arguing that she is doing in her relationship. The man has left, and when he comes back he is greeted by the sound of his wife’s sobbing. When she opens the door, she seems to have separated herself from the issue, and is composed. I believe that the couple that argues routinely, and is only together for the sake of their children. There is no love between the couple, because they have created a darkness in their relationship with all of their arguing. The only light in this poem seems to be the children, and the stars. Rich uses poetic devices such as overstatement and symbolism, to evoke an image of a couple struggling to maintain a stable relationship for their children. Rich uses overstatement when she states that “She had no blood left in her heart.” The woman obviously has blood, but she lacks the warmth that she blood should be giving. The “light in