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1. Introduction
John Donne was a 16th and 17th century English Priest, poet, dean, and lawyer.Donnes “Batter My Heart Three Personed God’ is a plea to his creator the three is one God, The Holy God, Father Son and the Holy Spirit to deliver from evil and to ensure his salvation.

2. Holy, English, Italian ,Sonnet
Also known as the Divine Meditations or Divine Sonnets which are a series of nineteen poems by the English Poet John Donne. The poem is a holy sonnet a fourteen line poem which uses the rhyme scheme of the Italian Sonnet and the English sonnet which gives the poem when fuse the three types of sonnets is a poetic improvisation and virtuosity.

Batter My Heart, Three Person’d God: John Donne’s Batter my heart, Three Person’d God is a dynamic poem about a man that faces with himself, sin, and God. This poem is a piece that is full of metaphors and symbolism. “Batter My Heart, Three Person’d God is a plea to God for a violent and overpowering by its title itself, because its sets the tone of the poem. The poem establishes emotions before the reader as a chance to finish the first line. God and the complete triune of the Father, Son and the Holy Sprit the poem is a desperate cry for them which leads to a brutally attack and claiming of his heart. It demonstrates to reader that complete faith, and trust that God is the Father, also God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The writer is giving the reader a colorful and dynamic poem that God as the ability of his keeping power of a sonnet style.

”Batter my Heart, Three Person”d God is a poem that is written in a style of a sonnet. This poem is written in ABBA ABBA CDDCEE rhyme scheme. Most sonnets were written about loving a women. This particular poem on the other hand is written about God with sexual overtones. Line 14 for example as a sexual overtone “Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me”(“Batter my Heart Three Person’d God”Pg.531).The person in the poem talks about how they will never be pure unless he is physically taken by God. The writer describes the Christian walk and the relationship with the creator is to be intimate and closer than what the eye can really see. Also the writer talks about the intimacy that the people lost or are not accustomed to such as communion, communication, and connection of intimacy.

The person speaks as a rejected lover that believes he deserves the attention that he is demanding of God .Now the writer has the person feeling neglected by God. Hearing God voice alone does not give him the person to resist sin. This reason keeps the speaker from choosing God. When God finally violently conquers the speaker heart to try to unburden by the speaker free will so the speaker can surrender. If the speaker does not fully surrender is body and soul the body and