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Joseph Kasson
Professor Teinert
Introduction to Literature
March 20, 2013
Poetry Review
Broad Forms of Poetry 1) Lyric – is a short poem like all poems studied first night (specific, brief, and lofty topic). 2) Epic – Book length poem – adventures of a hero 3) Dramatic – two people talking to each other in a poem
Types of Poetry * sonnet – always has 14 lines * Italian sonnet – first 8 lines present a problem or concern known as (octave) – problem of speaker. Last 6 lines (sestet) is the solution or response to the problem. * English sonnet – first 12 lines are the problem – last two lines (the couplet) rhyme * Blank Verse – you have meter (rhythm) but no rhyme * Free Verse – no meter and no rhyme
Parts of a Poem 1) Speaker – who talks to us from the page 2) Stanzas – a group of lines in a poem separated by other groups of lines in a poem 3) Lines/Verses – lines of poetry 4) end-stopped line – thought complete at end of line 5) enjambment – may have to read through several lines to get complete thought
* perfect rhyme - is a rhyme in which the later part of the word or phrase is identical sounding to that of another * Slant rhyme/near rhyme - Words that sound the same but don't exactly rhyme, such as Lover and brother. Or, Fish and promise, won and done, gone and from. * eye rhyme – words that look the same or like they rhyme * rhyme scheme – pattern to last word of line of poem