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september 16, 2013

ok well, it’s “just another day” and usually people that you haven’t talked to in months go on and on about how great of a friend you are and how they wouldn’t know where they would be without you. that’s pretty gay if you ask me, but maybe it’s ok to be gay for a day. i don’t know, i think you’re pretty rad and you have an amazing taste in music. you’re also attractive, not sure if you think so, but i do. i like how your eyes are two different colors/sizes. i like how your smile is awkward, yet it’s contagious. i like how we mutually feel nothing, but yet we can say we like each other or whatever. i like how we were actually teenagers this summer. i like how we are so much alike, yet opposites in a weird way. i like to listen to you talk about nonsense. i like to stare at you just so i can remember what you look like. i like how you don’t care about anything. i like how you’re the nicest asshole i know. i like the way you speak and how you mock things i say/finish sentences. i like how you’re infatuated with nirvana. i enjoy the fact that when you were drunk you kept saying how life was pointless, i don’t know, i found it beautiful. i think you have a beautiful mind and i think you should speak it more. i like how you adore children and hate everyone else. i like how you just want to die. i like you. weird. oh yeah, i like how you’re weird. i still laugh at the fact that your phone fell on your face. i like how i don’t really know you, i can’t figure you out and it’s intriguing i don’t know. i wrote a really gay poem the other day for you birthday, it’s like really gay, but it’s ok, because everyone is gay. ok well...

you are beautiful when you