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Point 1:
The stolen username and password did not give the criminals direct access to Home Depot's payment system. But it did give the hackers access to a part of the company's network from where they could deploy malware on self-checkout systems in stores in the U.S. and Canada. The malware was a custom strain that Home Depot's security team had never seen before.
Point 2:
The malware was designed to evade antivirus software and has since been eliminated, Home Depot officials said.
For that, they had to turn to a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows that was patched only after the breach occurred, according to a story in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.
Point 3: a malware strain designed to siphon data from cards when they are swiped at infected point-of-sale systems running Microsoft Windows.
Point 4:
Trend said the updated version, which it first spotted on Aug. 22, sports a few notable new features, including an enhanced capability to capture card data from the physical memory of infected point-of-sale devices.
Point 5:
Trend notes that the new BlackPOS variant uses a similar method to offload stolen card data as the version used in the attack on Target.
Point 6:
“In one the biggest data breach[es] we’ve seen in 2013, the cybercriminals behind it offloaded the gathered data to a compromised server first while a different malware running on the compromised server uploaded it to the FTP,”
Point 7:
The best way to view this information is that BlackPOS – the malware used…