Poisons Cabinet Where You Are Poisonous To Children

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The cleaning products, alcohol, medicines and vitamins we have in our homes are poisonous to children. Babies are more at risk of poisoning as they tend to explore the world with their mouths. Toddlers often imitate things they see adults doing, such as taking medications.

Poisons Cabinet
Choose at least one “poisons cabinet” where you will keep poison such as cleaning products, medicines, alcohol and tobacco. Try to pick a cupboard that:
• Is at least 1.5m from the ground
• Has nothing underneath that a child could climb
• Has a child-resistent latch fitted
Low storage areas, such as cupboards under the sink, may be more convenient but they are also easier for children to reach.
Choose strong, child-resistant latches that children will not be able to open or break. Latches that lock themselves when you close the cupboard can be a good option to make sure that the cupboard isn’t accidently left unlocked or open.
Keep poisons in their original containers and choose child-resistant containers where possible.
If medicines need to be refrigerated keep them in a sealed, child-resistant container.

Keep Out of Reach

Add washing powders and liquids to the washing machine and dishwasher immediately before use.
Stack and un-stack the dishwasher when children aren’t around, and always keep the door closed and locked when they are. Dishwasher powder and tablets are very toxic and even a small amount can cause severe burns to the mouth and throat.
Provide a hook or shelf at the front door for guests’ bags to keep children from finding medicines and other poisons.
Make sure children can’t access pet litter trays, food or water bowls.
Store personal hygiene products and cosmetics up on a high shelf.
Keep sheds, garages and other workspaces where chemicals and petrol-powered tools are stored, locked at all times. Make sure children do not have access to the keys. Check your garden for poisonous plants and remove any that pose a risk to children.
Poisons Cabinet
(Lock up and away)

Keep cupboards locked with a child-resistant latch

How Accidents can be